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Online casino free games fall under two categories; the table games and the slot game. For the Table games the game-play is a blend of chance plus skill from the player; for the slot games, it's all pure chance for you to win.

The slot games; these online casino free games are coin operated; once you slot the coin a side lever is pulled to run the spinning numbers. Winning or losing depends on whether you get all the symbols matching on the slot. From how it's played you can discover the game depends entirely on chance and not skill. Test that theory by playing free games and see how that will turn up.

The Table games; these is the back drop for most online casino free games. The games are always accompanied with playing paraphernalia like cards or rolling dices. The gamblers would play standing or they sit round a table. A different table game like Roulette has a spinning wheel at the centered with numbers on it. A small ball spins on the wheel and is supposed to land on the right numbers for a win. This is also a game of chance though some skill in the game may give you an upper hand.

Online Dice games; like the table online casino free games, the dice games also depend on chance and skill. Rolling the dice will depend on your chance but skill will be useful when placing your bets. The dice games are the best welcome ticket to the table games for a rookie. If you are a rookie, best start with a dice game like craps which will give you an edge on the table games.

The Card games; for most rookies, the card games are where they test their skill on online casino free games. However you need to learn the rules of the game to come out the best. A lot of skill will also be required in making the game decisions; so a vital advice to the rookies, it's good to first know your way round the games before you place your first bet.

Make the best of free games; the online free games are the best practice before you get to betting for real money.