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Online Craps Bonuses

One of the great things in playing in online casinos is the many different types of bonuses they offer. From loyalty bonuses to specific game bonuses, players have multiple chances to win points and even real money. An online craps bonus is just one of the ways casinos attract players.

What an Online Craps Bonus Is

An online craps bonus is a special bonus that allows craps players can earn extra money on top of their wagers. Several of these bonuses come in the form of welcome bonuses. As players sign into the game and create a new account they can receive amounts up to and above the amount they deposited. Others will offer a similar bonus on select deposits or when a player deposits a certain amount into their casino account. Still others may offer the opportunity to increase payouts by wagering certain amounts or making certain bets on specific rolls.

Why a Casino Would Offer Craps Bonuses

The reasons for offering bonuses are many. For instance, the welcome bonus is a great marketing tool for the casino. It helps attract new players to a craps game and get them to discover the fun of the game. Deposit bonuses can encourage players to stay loyal to the game and continue playing. Conditional bonuses such as those based on wagering requirements or specific bets help the casino ensure minimum bets, but also allow the player to have a more complicated and challenging game.

Whether a player is enjoying a game of online craps or prefers online casino slots, there are plenty of bonuses to be had. Players should seek out the casinos that offer the best bonuses with the best payouts.